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GISDataDepot - About Data!

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Data located at the GIS Data Depot and GeoCommunity may be projected into various coordinate systems. The current coordinate system of the data must be taken into account when the user is making their selections. If you are unable to perform coordinate transformations, you may have to limit your selections or find a mechanism to project your data into a consistent coordinate system.

The GIS Data Depot and GeoCommunity take no responsibility and make no guarantees about selected data and the compatibility of their projections and coordinate systems. If you feel this is an issue, you may want to research your options for projecting data prior to purchasing.

Most current GIS software products directly provide a variety of projection tools. If your GIS software product does not provide this functionality, there are several third party software vendors currently marketing powerful data translation engines. If you are unable to locate the projection utilities that you require, please contact us at and we will make every effort to provide assistance.

Please be sure to read all readme files to ensure that the data you are considering is in an acceptable projection. If not, please be sure that you have the utilities to successfully project it yourself. In some cases there will be data sets that have inadequate or missing readme and metadata files. Please be aware of these datasets as the GIS Data Depot has provided all of the information available for each and will not be held responsible for any missing, inadequate or incorrect information located in either the readme or metadata files.

Most datasets will have associated metadata files that adhere to the national SDTS (Spatial Data Transfer Standards). When you purchase a dataset, the associated metadata file is usually contained within the zipped file and should provide you with information about the datasets projection and coordinate system.

In cases where this information is not contained in the metadata file, there is often contact information for the dataset creator who may be able to assist with projection or coordinate system questions. If you have any general projection questions please consult the Help Desk, FAQ and Forum sections of the GeoCommunity web site.

Also be sure to visit our Projection Help section to get a better understanding of projections.

You may also find our Software section an interesting place to access loads of free utilities including data viewers, translators, and user scripts.

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