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GISDataDepot - Data Help Desk

GISDataDepot > Help Desk

The Help Desk is a service provided to our users to help resolve spatial data questions. It is our goal to make GeoCommunity ä and the GIS Data Depot ä the easiest place on earth to find data and get answers to all your GIS-related questions!

Important: Please note, data at The GISDataDepot is served up in a variety of formats and is "as-is" (ie. USGS data may be in SDTS format). You (the user) may require an advanced level of GIS capabilities and knowledge in order to work with or translate/import data. We have attempted to provide numerous pointers and resources designed to help you work with various GIS data formats, however, in the end, it is up to you to determine how to best make use of the data once you have downloaded or made a purchase. In most cases, you will require a GIS or desktop mapping software program in order to work with or view the data. Numerous commercial and freeware programs exists, however, once again, we cannot be responsible for difficulties you encounter when attempting to view the data.

* NEW * - USGS Quad Sheet Index MapFinder™

Help Desk Sections

Do you still need more help? - Unfortunatley we don't have the manpower or the time to answer all the questions, email, and phone calls that we receive. However, we've implemented some resources that will help you get in touch with a community of students and professionals that are eager to help you.
GISList email discussion list - Hosted by The GeoCommunity, this list has become one of the most popular and useful GIS resources available. To subscribe, simply send a blank email to then follow the instructions. The contents are archived online as well!

GeoCommunity Discussion Board - visit the discussion board and post a message or a question. No registration is required.

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