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TIGER Data & U.S. Census Resources

The nation's resident population on Census Day, April 1, 2000 was 281,421,906, a 13.2 percent increase over the 248,709,873 counted in the 1990 census. More detailed information from Census 2000 will be available beginning with the release of Public Law 94-171 data (redistricting data summary file) in March 2001 -- Send us your Census News!

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Technical documentation from the US Census Bureau (PDF) - Complete technical specs and docs for users of 2010 TIGER data.

TIGER2SHP (PDF) - this Avenue extension from will help you get TIGER data into ArcView. Download the extension from our free translators section or get the full blown product at

On March 13, 2000 the U.S. Postal Service set out on the mamoth task of delivering over 98 million Census 2000 questionnaires to about 83 percent of the nation's residences in the first national census of the new century. Geographers, and in particular, GIS analysts are particularly interested in the latest Census data as the data are often a vital and integral part of many custom data products and GIS applications. This section has been developed to help identify some of the issues you may have regarding Census 2000 data products and data availability.

Percentage Change in Population 1990-2000
Image Credit: US Census Bureau

Census News Features
  • Census - Texas County Fastest-Growing in Nation (04.30.02)
  • Census - Census Bureau Releases First Look at African-American Population Since Census 2000 (04.30.02)
  • Meridian GeoSystems, Inc. - StreetSmart 4.0 is based on TIGER 2002, and contains numerous improvements and fixes. StreetSmart 3.0 Road and Boundary Products - Starting at $99(12.19.02)
  • GeoLytics - US Census 2000 data is now available from GeoLytics (03.25.02)
  • Avenza - Avenza Announces MAPdataUSA 2K - a complete CD library of enhanced US Census 2000 data in Shape file format(02.07.02)
  • US Census Bureau - Census Bureau Budget Initiatives Will More Accurately Measure U.S. Economy and Population (02.06.02)
  • US Census Bureau - Census Bureau Releases Long Form-Type Data for Large U.S. Cities and Counties Toolkit (11.26.01)
  • DiabSoft announces the release of TIGER/LINE® 2000 MapGen Toolkit (10.22.01)
  • US Census Bureau Announcement - Census 2000 Analysis Shows White Population Still Largest(08.24.01)
  • US Census Bureau Announcement - Nation's Changing Diversity Mapped in Census 2000 Atlas(08.10.01)
  • US Census Bureau Announcement - Census Bureau Releases Census 2000 Supplementary Survey Data Long Form (08.07.01)
  • New York Census 2000 Data - The newest 2000 Census data for New York State is now available. I wanted to make sure you knew that NYPIRG's Community Mapping Assistance Project (CMAP) has updated its website to provide information, maps, and analysis of the data. You can visit our new "Census 2000" website at to find out more.(06.28.01)
  • Claritas Announces Distinctive Census 2000 Internet Site - Free Site Provides Public Law 94-171 Redistricting Data Enhanced By a Series of Claritas-Calculated Variables and Flexible Retrieval Methods (05.07.01)
  • Census Bureau - Largest Census-to-Census Population Increase in U.S. History As Every State Gains, Census Bureau Reports (04.10.01)
  • Tetrad - 2000 Census Data Uncovers the “Melting-Pot” of America (04.05.01)
  • Census 2000 Redistricting Data - A number of State-by-state news releases concerning the release of redistricting data have been issued (03.14.01)
  • MONTANA DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - Official source for Montana Census 2000 data and information (02.28.01)
  • Census 2000 & ESRI - TIGER Files Available for Download in GIS Format (02.27.01)
  • Census 2000 Update - New Statistical Abstract Shows Boom in Internet Sales(02.16.01)
  • ArcUser Article - Normalizing Census Data in ArcView GIS (PDF)
  • ESRI Launches Census Watch! - a Web portal, to serve the ESRI national and global community of users who are interested in Census matters.
  • Census 2000 Data Highlights - Here's the low-down on Census 2000 products from the US Census Bureau (PDF)
  • 2000 TIGER/Line Test Files and Documentation
  • School District Data Profiles - Are you searching for socia/economic data? Here's a nifty way to get a custom profile for any School District within the US
  • News Release (Dec. 29, 2000) - Census Bureau Begins Releasing Census 2000 Geographic Files for Redistricting
  • News Release (Dec. 29, 2000) - Census 2000 Shows Resident Population of 281,421,906; Apportionment Counts Delivered to President. Census 2000 Geographic Files for Redistricting.
  • News Release (Oct. 27, 2000) - Commerce Secretary Sends Veto Message on Legislation to Change Census Confidentiality Law
  • News Release (Oct. 23, 2000) - Census Bureau Releases Final Metro Area and City Population Estimates Before Census 2000 Figures Are Released
  • News Release (Oct. 19, 2000) - Census Monitoring Board Notes Census Bureau's 'High Level of Commitment' Following Visits to 51 Local Census Offices
  • Article "How The People Use The Census"
  • Census 2000 Data FAQ
  • Census 2000 Data Products
  • News Release (May 31, 2000) - Census Bureau Director Says 92 Percent of U.S. Households Accounted For; Thanks President and Vice President for Message to Census Workers
  • Dress Rehearsal - The Census Bureau has provided an overview of Census 2000 Dress Rehearsal geographic products along with sample maps (in PDF and HPGL formats), TIGER/Line files, and corner point files

Tables: We hope you find these resources to be useful. If you have plans to use the Census 2000 data in an interesting way or perhaps are developing custom data or applications using the Census Bureau data, please contact us so we can share your story or promote your product with our readers.

  • Historical US Census Data
  • US Census Home Page
  • American Factfinder
  • US Census 2000 Home Page

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